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       The L Group is a leading developer and property management group committed to transforming communities and delivering exceptional real estate experiences. With a passion for innovation and a dedication to excellence, we specialize in creating and managing quality properties that redefine modern living in the tri-state area.

       At The L Group, we take pride in our extensive experience in the real estate, hospitality and property development industries. Our team of skilled professionals combines expertise in property development, construction, and property management to deliver outstanding results. Whether it's crafting thoughtfully designed residential communities, revitalizing commercial spaces, or managing a diverse portfolio of properties, our commitment to excellence is unwavering.

       We understand the importance of creating environments that people are proud to call home or conduct business in. From concept to completion, we meticulously plan and execute every project, ensuring the highest standards of quality, functionality, and aesthetics. We collaborate with talented architects, designers, and contractors to bring our vision to life, creating spaces that inspire and enhance the lives of our residents and tenants.

       As a property management group, we go beyond the bricks and mortar. We prioritize the needs of our residents, tenants, and property owners, providing exceptional customer service, efficient operations, and proactive maintenance. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure that our properties are well-maintained, secure, and offer an unparalleled living or working experience.

       At The L Group, we believe in building lasting relationships and exceeding expectations. We are committed to transparency, integrity, and open communication, working closely with our tenants and clients to achieve mutual success.

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       Within the last decade, Astoria has become the go-to destination for spacious real  estate within close proximity to the city. Its appeal as a residential community mere minutes from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan is omnipresent for developers and residents alike. And, while the market in Manhattan is reportedly on the decline, the demand to buy and rent in Astoria continues to grow.
The L Group’s newest developments located throughout Astoria, truly adheres to the 
L’s core principles and objectives, offering ‘a balanced perspective on living - anticipating all  of one’s needs’.


       These luxury oases located on a quiet, tree-lined sections of the Astoria neighborhood 
and seamlessly incorporates style, comfort and convenience to support a relaxed and inspired 
lifestyle. What differentiates The L Group from other luxury developers who are continuously changing the Astoria streetscape? The L Group develops from the Tenant’s perspective and aims to satisfy all of the senses; Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste and Touch. Our environment and community is also part of the mix Organic, sustainable materials are used, energy efficient systems, and we seek 
to employ local designers and trades. The L Group incorporates the latest in style, feel and 
technology. Each large, airy apartment has been meticulously constructed with a sleek aesthetic 
and top-of-the-line technology. Whether you are a working professional, a young family looking to 
expand, or in your golden years, these residences have something for everyone. 


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